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SAWA Philippine Students Activists Workers Artists

Pilipino Pride Stage 2005

HALO-HALO! (Mix-Mix!) The Jeepney Project

SAWA (Philippine Students Activists Workers Artists) organized the 3rd annual Pilipino Pride Stage at Pride Toronto on Saturday June 25, 2005.

In celebration of diverse sexual identities in the Filipino-Canadian community, the theme for the stage was "HALO-HALO! (Mix-Mix!) The Jeepney Project: "BADING at TIBO sa Bawat Hinto!" meaning the SAWA Jeepney would be making "All the Stops between Gay to Butch!"

The event featured Arnis martial arts demonstrations by Combat Science and DeSantos Martial Arts, performers from Pardz Toronto, Queer Salsa group: Grupo Ma-L, Tahitian/Hawaiian dance group: Ote'a Tane, DJ SanFran & Richelle, drag performances by Kiki Spears, and the glamourous Galaxy Group showcasing contemporary and regional songs from the Philippines.

The successful event had a strong presence in the Queer community and brought together different sectors of the Filipino-Canadian community.

Maraming Salamat po! / many thanks to our dedicated volunteers including the artists and performers, co-hosts, stage design crew, video and photo crew, sound tech DJ SanFran, sponsors Pride Toronto and the Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal, and all our community supporters for taking a memorable Jeepney Ride with SAWA - HAPPY PRIDE!


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